Jordan Priestley

JDP Stage V Track Spec 5 th Gen CAMARO – “FRANKEY”

CLIENT OBJECTIVE: Jordan came to CMP for a powerful and reliable engine to beat the competition and complement the high-performance chassis and driveline products JDP offers.

CMP SOLUTION: Consulting, Engine Dyno, Custom Build:

The JDP LS 427 includes a resleeved LS block with custom cam shaft and ported cylinder heads.

DYNO RESULTS: Achieved an impressive 584 TRQ / 682 HP on the Engine Dyno and 531 TRQ / 590 HP on the JDP Motorsports 224xLC Dynojet Chassis Dyno.

“When it came time to build an engine for Frankey, I turned to Al at CMP. With Al’s expertise, and my oversight, we were able to build an engine that outperformed and outlasted the rest of the competition. Al understands that parts alone don’t make power but by choosing the right components per application, you’re able accomplish results. When JDP Motorsports is looking to build powerful and reliable engines we turn to Al at CMP to meet our demands.” —Jordan Priestley

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